Hygienist speeches

This editorial project is a thesis about hygienist speeches during behavioral campaigns and how sugar, fat and alcohol are seen as our enemies. This project has been completed by Simon Gréau, Loïc Fercot, Charlotte Le Quellec and I. Square back, 176 pages, silkscreen print front and back cover.




We experimented alternative marketing and took the H1N1 flu as an opportunity. We went in a market, a place where people know each other and we hang the poster with the slogan « to betray is to save » and gave flyers that encouraged people to contact us to denounce anyone with a slight symptom. The aim was to open a discussion with people and help them realize that the overdose of advise around H1N1 was ridiculous. This project has been completed by Simon Gréau, Maelle Christien, Romain Durand and I